Using the same as AdBlue® quality manufacturing standard, CrossChem® specializing in production of AUS 40 which must be used in Emission Control Areas aiming to minimize airborne emissions from ships.

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What is AUS 40?
It is 40% urea solution used to reduce of NOx emissions from the combustion chamber of vessel diesel engines.
What difference is between AdBlue® and Marine Urea?
Both products give the same effect, only AUS 40 has higher urea concentration because of the bigger size of the vessel engine.
What is Emission Control Areas?
As of 2011 there were four existing ECAs: the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the North American ECA, including most of US[and Canadian coast[and the US Caribbean ECA. Also other areas may be added via protocol defined in Annex VI.
How can I buy AUS 40?
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